Ever since I was able to use my hands to create, I was always designing accessories, characters, objects from whatever I found in my childhood home, in the small coastal town in the South of Italy.

I always envisioned a new life for old objects whether they were broken, aged or tossed by people who no longer saw the beauty in them.

I adorned old cigar boxes with toys, beads and broken glass and turned them into dreamy treasure boxes, I made little charms with old tv wires I found around the house or made collages from kitchen packaging. But my favorite was to take my Mom's broken and forgotten jewelry and turn them into a new unexpected accessory. 

Oh! I didn't introduce my self! I'm Lauren and i'm a creative at heart. In the day time i'm an Illustrator, Designer and Art Director for a pretty well known animation studio. By night I transform into a jewelry designer!

The beads I use are Vintage and traveled a long way - some are from the 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980 and early 2000s. They come from everywhere - West Germany, Morocco, some are Vintage Turkish beauties, some from England, Italy and the US and the list goes on!

Every bead I use is quite special and has it's own story. Which is what fascinates me, imagining the past life these special beads had before they ended up in my hands, in my new creations.

So much time is spent sourcing these pretty unique pieces but they truly make me so happy and I hope they make you happy too! :)


Zèfiro Jewelry was born from my love for color, endless vibrant Italian summers and my vision of creating accessories from something that has a past life that will make you smile.

The result is an unapologetically playful Jewelry line, made by hand, by me, in small batches and are limited edition with the intent to brighten up your day and everyone who spots your colorful pieces!

Zèfiro's creations are your daily reminder of self-care and self-love. Whenever you wear my pieces, I hope they make you feel powerful and joyful
- I can assure you they will
unquestionably bring smiles to your days!

Ciao, A presto! :)